2 min readApr 5, 2021



Where to start? When I began this project I believed that building with Rails would simply be a higher powered version of Sinatra, but it is was much more nuanced than that .

At risk of sounding dull, on thing that put me under comparatively greater duress than the previous project was the sheer amount of files. After a couple of hours working at a time I needed a break just to gain perspective on what I was doing.

There was so much to this project e.g the inclusion of scope query methods, nested routes, omniauth etc. that I really wish I had given more time to the front-end design. This intention can be evidenced from my installation of active_storage, I wanted my historical website resplendent in visual references to the content it is proudly displaying. But establishing full functionality that met the prerequisites took precedence.

Omniauth, though straightforward in the steps taken to implement the gem, quite honestly felt like a slippery eel. On three different occassions I had it working whereupon within a few minutes a new error had appeared.

I found learning about and using scope methods to suprisingly be quite fun and easy. The potential for customization with chainable methods that could be used throughout was interesting and exciting to learn about.

I spent the first day of Project Week pseudo coding the logic of my table relationships after i realized my draft relationships were illogical. This was a rewarding exercise.Oh and dealing with inexplicable error of Webpack ::Manifest that had me stupefied all afternoon, until I saw a post in the General Thread(which I should have been regularly checking) from Annabel to us saying that certain set up’s had to remove a single line of code from the layout views to resolve this error. That was not as rewarding.

Link_to was not my friend in this project, for delete functionality speciifically. Button_to was much more amiable, though not as aesthetically pleasing.

This project was a big step up from Sinatra. It was very straightforward at times and at others completely mystifying. It was very challenging and incredibly rewarding. I felt myself grow because of this. Thank you Flatiron.