Rails/JavaScript Project Phase 4 Blog Post

The most difficult aspect of this project( aside from grasping the Document Object Model conceptually), was the application of Fetch requests and understanding the nature of asynchronous operations. The functional code in itself had enough parallels with procedural Ruby( methods, booleans/conditionals, enumeration etc.) where the constructing of the logic for the methods of the application, though difficult, was manageable.

The application of CSS in the project was sparse but used effectually, with stylization applied to message handling. Full create, read, update, and delete functionality were established on both resources, with the resource of player belonging to the resource of club. I tried to place emphasis on maximizing the functionality of the project over aesthetic flourishes.

To be honest it was somewhat of a shock to the system, after having soaked in Rails and its meta abstractions to come in to JavaScript was a bit jarring. Thankfully the procedural parallels made writing code and understanding easier with time. I have read that the React Framework that will be learning the next module helps to smooth out and facilitate things quite a bit.


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